Designer Food Storage Container

  • Hermetic storage solution for dry dog & cat food, as well as bird seed
  • FDA-approved food grade plastics
  • Maintains food fresh and dry, and out of reach of insects, pests and slugs
  • Hinged lid with integrated gasket seal, opens wide for easier access when scooping out food
  • A set of gasket seals, form-fitted into the opening lid compartment and in between the upper and lower body sections, ensure close to 100 % hermetic sealing
  • Transparent windows on either side are designed to monitor low food level
  • Removable food scoop, with storage facility as integral part of the product design. With inner capacity markings, up to 300 ml capacity
  • The dark coloured container reduces light exposure of food, thus preserving nutritional value and extending food life
  • The four rubber feet located on the base ensure stable footing, and prevent scratching on smooth fl oor surfaces
  • Stores up to 13 kg / 28.5 lbs dog food – 30 litres / 6.6 imp. gal. volume capacity


56 x 24 x 41 cm
22 x 9 x 16 in

Stores up to 13 kg / 28 ½ lbs dog food

Sealing gasket