Smart products for your beloved four-legged companions

Dear Reader, first of all, let me thank you for visiting the MAELSON® homepage, which for 2021 has been completely overhauled for a new, more up-to-date look with easier-to-use menus and added content.

To give you a brief overview of who we are, our story starts back in 2009. Having already spent 15 years in the pet business working for a couple of established brands, our company owner decided to take the plunge to create a brand-new dog accessory brand, with the aim to initially launch a qualitatively superior and well thought-through foldable dog crate. We launched our first product in the Autumn of 2009, and over the years we have kept the initial momentum rolling, each year finding the enthusiasm and dedication to develop new products, to steadily morph into a brand with a wide spectrum of premium accessory products and, since 2019, also high-end consumables (dog treats and shampoos), that you and your four-legged companions will hopefully find useful, both at home and on-the-go.

For 2021 we are working on a number of new projects, the first of which will already be available by the end of February. The current range of Treatees™ will then be joined by the new Treatees Stix™, natural dog chew sticks.

Most of our products can be ordered here.

We look forward to the passion and hard work we put into the brand being rewarded by your recognition and support, so that we may continue thinking up and developing new ideas for the future.

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